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28e Séminaire Franco Polonais de Mécanique

14 et 15 octobre 2021

Université de Perpignan Via Domitia


Thursday, October 14
Amphi 5

13:30 Welcome of Participants - Registration
14:00 Opening Ceremony
14:30 Conferences : Oral presentations

Chairman: Françoise Bataille
14:30 U. Harlander
Using the differentially heated rotating annulus experiment to understand changes in climate variability
15:15 S. Viguier-Pla Dimension reduction of cyclostationary random functions
15:40 M. David Study of anisothermal channel flow physics with direct numerical simulations
16:05 - 16:30 Coffee Break
16:30 C. Brouzet
Fragmentation of brittle bres in turbulence:  A laboratory model for plastic fragmentation in the ocean
16:55 G. Meletti Amplitude Modulations in Strato-Rotational Instabilities (SRI)
17:20 L. Caban A generalization of the compact difference schemes to very high-order approximations of differential equations containing high-order derivatives
17:45 S. Cherkaoui Primal-Dual Active Set methods for multi-contact problems solving in granular media
18:10 P. Bartkowski      
Temperature and strain rate effects of jammed granular systems
19:00 Dinner

Plenary : 35 mn + 10 min of questions               Talk : 15 min + 10 min of questions               Names in burgundy color: virtual presentation

Friday, October 15
Amphi 5

09:15-12:15 Chairman: Mircea Sofonea
09:00 E. Florentin
Uncertainty propagation using polynomial chaos expansion for robust conception: industrial application
09:45 J.M. Bajkowski
Rheological model and parameter identifying of a smart beam with sand core
10:10 Q. Serra
Stochastic modeling in the context of structural vibrations
10:35 - 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 C. Bajer Massive computations with the simplex-shaped space-time finite element method in structural dynamics
11:25 G. Labrosse C∞ Mathematical modeling of multiphase component
11:50 K. Szepietowska
Strain field of the living abdominal wall subjected to intraperitoneal pressure
12:15 - 14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:25 Chairman: Eric Florentin
14:00 M. Shillor
Models for Dynamic Contact with Friction, Heat Exchange, and Debonding
14:45 P. Klosowski
Safety accepts of human orbit region shocks by finite element method
15:10 S. Dumont
Interface models in coupled thermoelasticity
15:35 A. Jaskot               
Modeling of the motion of the mobile platform with four-wheel drive taking into account wheel slippage
16:00 D. Danan
Body-tted topology optimization with the Equivalent Radiated Power criterion
16:25 Clôture

Plenary : 35 mn + 10 min of questions               Talk : 15 min + 10 min of questions               Names in burgundy color: virtual presentation


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